Apperol additives and oils

High-quality products that clean the entire system from the fuel inlet to the gas outlet. Our advantage is efficiency, as the product simultaneously cleans and lubricates the vital parts of the engine. The molecular structure contains 70% cleaning ability and 30% lubricating ability.

Apperoil Spirax 7777 Diesel Additive 200 ml

Apperoil Abstract 777 Petrol Additive 200 ml

Apperoil Engine Woop 77 Engine Oil Additive 200 ml

Why choose Apperoil

Protection against wear and tear

Our engine oil additives contain wear protection agents that reduce metal-metal contact and reduce wear of moving parts in the engine. This extends the life of the engine.

Cleaning the engine components

The additives can dissolve and remove deposits and impurities in the engine. This helps keep the engine clean and reduce deposits on piston rings, valves and other critical components. Cleaner engine performance can lead to better fuel efficiency and longer engine life.

Improved protection in extreme conditions

In certain situations, such as For example, at high temperatures or cold exposure, the engine oil additive can strengthen the protection of the engine. It helps maintain the viscosity of the oil and ensure sufficient lubrication.

Fuel efficiency

The engine additive reduces friction in the engine and thus increases efficiency. By reducing friction, less energy is wasted and fuel consumption can be reduced.

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